RIM Launches A BBM Music App

Posted Aug 26, 2011

Research In Motion has launched a BBM Music application. BBM Music will be available later this year for a monthly cost of $4.99 USD plus tax. You can sign up for the service at www.blackberry.com/bbmmusic. BBM Music is a social music service that is connected directly to the BBM messenger service. BlackBerry users will be able to share music with their BBM Music friends.

BBM Music features include:
1.) Build a music profile using a catalog of millions of tracks.
2.) Ability to invite friends to BBM Music from your BBM contacts.
3.) Create playlists from BBM Music songs.
4.) Share playlists or single songs with BBM Music friends.
5.) Follow BBM Music activity from your friends.
6.) Cache music for offline listening.

Each BBM Music user can create a profile of up to 50 songs from the millions of tracks that is available in the BBM Music Catalog. The more BBM Music friends you have, the more songs you can add.

The Home tab of the app allows you to see social network activity. You can see what playlists your BBM Music friends have in the Home tab. In the Me tab, you can see your own profile that includes 50 tracks and playlists. If you like a certain song, you can buy it from the Amazon MP3 Music Store. BBM Music tracks are stored on your SD card for offline listening.

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