RIM May Look At Microsoft For Help

Posted Jun 29, 2012

Based on RIM’s last quarter report, the future of the company is looking bleak. They may have to partner with people that they did not want to have to partner with in the past. RIM could sell their network business or form an alliance with Microsoft. In the past year, RIM’s stock price has dropped 70%. RIM also said that the launch of BlackBerry 10 has been postponed to early 2013 because the development of the new operating system had “proven to be more time-consuming than anticipated.”

Another option for RIM would be to abandon their own operating system and implement Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer approached RIM in recent months to pursue a partnership that is similar to the one that the company has with Nokia. RIM would likely be interested in such a partnership if Microsoft buys a stake in the company and funds the marketing expenses. Microsoft could also purchase some of RIM’s wireless patents.

RIM could sell to a private equity firm or another technology company. The buyer could then open up RIM’s network operating centers to other smartphone companies. In the past RIM considered opening up their network to rivals.