RIM Owns Half The U.S. Smartphone Market, Apple Rapidly Catching Up

Posted Aug 20, 2009

Although Apple iPhone sales have shot up 365% in the second quarter, Research In Motion still dominates the smartphone market in the U.S.  In the second quarter of the economy, smartphone shipments increased a total of about 13.4%.

Research In Motion and their BlackBerry devices control about 52% of the smartphone market.  But their control in the market is weakening as the Apple iPhone marketshare is starting to increase at a rapid pace.  The Apple iPhone now has about 23.3% of the smartphone market.

The statistics in the survey was compiled by market research firm Canalys.

“RIM has successfully expanded its product portfolio to include a wide selection of devices and interfaces that appeal to a range of customers at different price points,” stated Canalys VP and principal analyst Chris Jones. “This includes 2.5G models that are smaller, lighter, lower cost, and have better battery life than most of its 3G rivals.”

HTC’s smartphone marketshare in the U.S. dropped to 5.6% from 8%.  Marketshare of smartphones powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile have also dropped. Nokia has about a 44% market share in total handsets. RIM’s global share went up to 21% from 16.7% from the previous year.