Ringly is a smart ring that connects to smartphones

Posted Jun 11, 2014
We have heard about smartwatches and smart fitness bands, but this is the first time that I have heard of a smart-ring. The Ringly smart ring is a fashion accessory that connects to smartphones using Bluetooth LE. The Ringly smart ring has notifications, different color LED lights, and different vibration patterns.
Sometimes people miss phone calls because their phone is in a purse or because there is too much background noise. Ringly notifies users of calls, incoming messages, and meetings. You can configure the ring so that it blinks a red light when you miss a call, a yellow light for e-mails, etc.
The ring can also let you know if you left your phone behind. The ring battery lasts around three days on a full charge. Ringly is made with 18K matte gold and 3 micron plating using precious stones. Ringly said that the first 1,000 rings will have a real diamond on the side of the ring. You can pre-order Ringly now for $195 with 25% off the retail price if you order it now.