Ringya Lets You Take a Picture of Contact Lists and Organizes Them For You

Posted Nov 3, 2012

Ringya is a Tel Aviv, Israel, based startup company that makes it easier for smartphone owners to transform contact lists into smart and organized mobile lists.  For example, if you have your work contacts tacked onto your bulletin board or your kid’s soccer team list on your fridge, you can take a picture of the paper list from within the app and it will be transformed into an organized digital ?Ring? right on your smartphone.

Ringya recently launched in the United States.  The app provides you with access to the people you need to reach, shows you how they fit into your world with contextual caller ID, and keeps the entire group current with instant collaborative updates.
Ringya was founded by Gal Nachum, Kobi Hecht, Arie Gofer, and Yoram Goren.  Ringya is the first app to transform contact lists into mobile, digital organized sets of contacts.

“Managing contacts is becoming increasingly difficult,” said Mr. Nachum in an interview with Pulse2.  “The task of keeping information up to date is challenging.”

Gal said that he came up with the idea when going through his contacts and he had a hard time remembering who some of them were.

If a group member updates contact info, all members of the ?Ring? automatically get the most current information.  The best part is that when there is an incoming call, you can see the context of that contact (eg. John Smith, Sales Manager, Axicom Corp).  Ringya uses OCR to grab the contact information, smart data extraction algorithms to reconstruct the contact information and humans for quality assurance.

When I asked Gal what the long-term plan for Ringya was since the app is free, they said that they are trying to build a significant user base and then build a “freemium model.”  An Android version of the app is coming soon too.

The four co-founders at the company have a rich history of collaborating on innovative technology concepts.  Together the founders have started and sold a number of successful startups including Unipier Mobile Ltd., Cash-U Mobile Technologies Ltd., Mobix Communications Ltd., and Synopsis Systems Ltd.

Check out the Ringya video below: