RoadPro 12-Volt Crock Pot Is Perfect For Tailgate Parties

Posted Apr 3, 2009

Here’s a sample situation. You claim that you have the perfect recipe for chili and want to show it off to other football fans. You can’t bring it with you to a tailgate party because it will get too cold.

RoadPro has the solution for you. They have created a 12-volt slow cooker crock pot for $29.95. It can be plugged into a regular car cigarette lighter slot. The 12-volt crock pot consumes about 78 watts and can heat up to 150 degrees in about an hour.

The car crock pot also has a clear glass lid, secure cord to hold the lid shut, and a cooker base with easy grip handles. The power cord is about 5′ long.

I highly recommend you don’t use this while actually driving. You might burn a leg.

[via NerdApproved]