Rock Band Franchise Hits $1 Billion Sales

Posted Mar 29, 2009

In 2007, MTV’s Rock Band franchise launched.  Now the franchise as a whole has hit a major milestone, $1 billion in sales.  These numbers are based on the North American market.  The numbers were released in a press release this past Thursday.  Rock Band players have also downloaded more than 40 million songs from the DLC selection.

Even though Rock Band 3 has not been announced yet, there will be a Beatles version of the game for the PSP coming out soon.  Electronic Arts is the distribution company of the game and it was developed by Harmonix.

There are about 600 songs available for download to add to the game.  It took Guitar Hero about 26 months to hit the same milestone whereas it took Rock Band about 15 months.  The complete version of Rock Band costs almost $200.

[via Ars]