Rocket Internet Shuts Down Airbnb Clone In China Called Airizu

Posted Jul 12, 2013

Rocket Internet
, the Germany based Internet company incubator, has shut down Airizu.  Airizu is an Airbnb cline that helps Chinese travelers connect with hosts that have a room to share.  According to Sina Tech, users that try to visit Airizu end up being redirected to now. is another Airbnb-like website incubated at Rocket Internet.

As reported by Sina Tech (h/t Tech in Asia), when users enter Airizu?s URL, they are now directed to, another Airbnb-inspired Rocket Internet company. That site, however, operates internationally and just happens to serve China, while Airizu catered exclusively to Chinese customers.  Rocket Internet first launched Airizu in 2011.

Airizu met new challenges from local riles like Xiaozhu, Mayi, and Tujia.  Airizu did not gain as much marketshare as Rocket Internet hoped like some of their other projects do in Asia.  Making matters worse, Airizu laid off around 80% of their staff this past May.