Rockstar Apologizes To GTA Online Players For Downtime By Giving Them Half A Million In In-Game Cash

Posted Oct 11, 2013

Rockstar Games released a path yesterday to fix some of the issues that have dragged down GTA Online since it launched on October 1st.  For the hundreds of thousands of players that used GTA Online for Grand Theft Auto V, they will receive half a million in in-game cash.

This cash can be used on cars, houses, weapons, etc.  Rocket is going to deposit the money in the accounts of the players in lump sums of $250,000 in GTA cash each in order to keep the in-game world balanced.

To receive the cash, you must play or have played GTA Online at any time during the month of October.  The first deposit is expected to be made next week and the second installment will arrive by the end of the month.