RockYou! Receives Series B Funding

Posted May 16, 2007

RockYou! is a company that designs widgets known for appearing all over MySpace.  The company was previously placed in the shadow of Photobucket because of the controversies that were happening between Photobucket and MySpace. 

But now RockYou! is boasting 150 million widgets served by 10 million registered users and now receiving Series B funding.  After Photobucket was acquired by MySpace, there are now talks of other widget company acquisitions which makes the funding of RockYou! seem a lot more promising. 

The  competition between RockYou! and Slide is heating up and what happens in the near future will definetely be interesting.

Photobucket isn’t the only on the block to be acquired by MySpace.  According to TechCrunch, there are talks of Flektor getting acquired as well.  Flektor allows users to create slideshows that include effects, transitions, photos, text, and video.  The amount rumored for Flektor is $10-$20 million.