Roger Arquer’s Dramprom Uses Condensation As The Lamp Shade

Posted Aug 11, 2009

Spanish industrial designer Roger Arquer has designed a unique lamp that uses condensation as the shade.  The Dramprom lamp was first designed in 2005, but it recently was redesigned.  The Dramprom lamp is made with a customized glass vessel filled with a little bit of water.

The light bulb of the lamp is placed in a recess of the lamp.  The placement of the lamp heats up the temperature and causes condensation on the sides of the glass lamp.  The condensation creates a diffusion of the light and makes the condensation appear as a shade.

This would look pretty spiffy in my house.  Its too bad that Arquer does not sell these commercially.  But I’m assuming he would send them to you at the right price if you contact him.