Roku Is Now Supporting 700 Channels Including Time Warner Cable Distribution

Posted Jan 7, 2013

Roku has announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that there are over 700 channels of content available to their subscribers.  The way that Roku streams content is through a Streaming Stick.  The Streaming Stick is plugged into the MHL port of your Roku Ready TV.  Roku is working with 14 device manufacturers that makes TVs where users can hook the Streaming Stick into.  Time Warner Cable is bringing 300 live streaming channels to Roku devices.  Time Warner cable subscribers would be required to login using their cable credentials to stream the content.  This is the first time that a connected TV device will have distribution for a cable distributors programs.

Roku is also working with consumer electronics manufacturings to have it so that TVs and other devices can leverage Roku’s technology for streaming videos and games.  Roku’s six new consumer electronics partners that will be “Roku ready” includes Coby Electronics Corp, Harman Kardon, Hisense Electric, TCL Corp, Voxx Accessories, and Westinghouse Digital.

The Roku streaming stick has a processor, memory, software, built-in WiFi, and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL).  Roku is telling manufacturers that by partnering with them, they will have more resources towards building their infrastructures and partnering with more content companies.

[Source: TechCrunch]