, LOLcats in Russian

Posted Feb 27, 2009

LOLcats is pretty famous in the tech and cat lover scene.  LOLcats even invented their own language.  In this language you spell the word “has” as “haz.”  But what about people in Russia that don’t understand the LOLcat language?  There’s a similar blog available for LOLcat Russian fans called  The Russian language is layered on the cat images.  ROLcats is maintained by an author named Demetri.

In the below image, one of the images says in Russian, “Drat, thwarted so close to freedom’s sweet caress?  I dreamed for but a taste of the decadent west, and now my eulogy is sung by guard dogs and alarm bells.”

“I thought it was bizarre that Soviet-era kitsch should be the subject of the humor,” stated Ethan Zuckerman in a blog post.  Perhaps if Demetri uses less political connection to Russia in these images, his blog may have a future.

[via LAT]