The Rotimatic Can Churn Out 20 Rotis At A Time

Posted Oct 26, 2013

A lot of my friends on Facebook have posted a video of a machine that makes fresh rotis.  A roti is an Indian bread made from wholemeal flour (known as atta) that originated in Southeast Asia, which is typically used for dipping in saag (spinach) or chicken tikka masala.  I grew up eating roti my whole life so I was intrigued, of course.

The appliance is called the Rotimatic and all you need to do is place water, flour, and oil in the device and the rest takes care of itself.  It can bake 20 rotis before needing to be refilled.  You can control how thick and how soft the roti is.

The Rotimatic is expected to start shipping later this year, starting with sales in Singapore.  The pricing details are not finalized yet and the pre-order models are sold until next year.  Check out the video demo above.