Rounds Is A Mobile App That Lets You Co-Browse With Friends

Posted Jun 24, 2013

Rounds is a free and new video chat and video calling service that is available in the form of a mobile application.  You can use the app to take and share pictures or watch YouTube together live.  You can also use the app to play with fun video effects and draw scribbles on each other.  Rounds also lets you like, follow, and comment on photos just like on Facebook.

If you want to play games with your friends, you can set up chess, checkers, Sky Tumble (a Tetris-like game), Backgammon, and PenPals (a Draw Something like game).

You can log in through Facebook through the app to quickly connect with friends.  The app has 5 different view modes including a transparent view.  To learn more about the app, check out the demo video below: