Rovio Is Distributing Angry Birds Toons Through Mobile Games

Posted Mar 12, 2013

Rovio is going to distribute a cartoon called “Angry Birds Toons” through the popular Angry Birds game even though they are seeing a decline in the playtime of their games.  Angry Birds was downloaded about 1.7 billion times according to App Annie.

Rovio is hoping that the Angry Birds cartoon increases the engagement time in their games.  The cartoon will start this weekend.  It will be available through video-on-demand providers, smart TVs, and connected devices according to VentureBeat.

?We?ve long wanted to tell our fans the story of the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies, to introduce their personalities and their world in detail.? stated Rovio CEO Mikael Hed. ?We?re delighted to introduce all this through our new channel, with easy and instant access to the stories in the palm of your hand. With over 1.7 billion downloads, we can reach a far wider and more engaged global audience than traditional distribution would allow. Launching the channel, and partnering up with some of the best video-on-demand providers and TV networks, is an important milestone for us on our journey towards becoming a fully fledged entertainment powerhouse.?

The Angry Birds Toons cartoon will have 52 weekly episodes starting this Saturday.  Rovio partnered with third-party video distributors including Comcast, Samsung, Roku, FOX8 (Australia), MTV3 (Finland), JEI TV (Korea), ANTV (Indonesia), Cartoon Network (India), etc.  Rovio is also working with Activision, Paramount, Sony, and BlackBerry to launch the Angry Birds Toons channel.