Rovio Mobile Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka: “Nobody Has Been Successful Selling Content on Android”

Posted Dec 29, 2010 recently did an interesting interview with Rovio Mobile Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka. One of the most interesting answers he gave when asked about why Angry Birds was available for free on Android was “Nobody has been successful selling content on Android.”

Rovio has been making mobile games since 2003 and created over 50 titles before Angry Birds. Below are some additional interesting points from the interview:
– Rovio game designer Jaakko Iisalo came up with the Angry Birds characters.
– Everyone on the Rovio team has 5+ years of game development experience.
– “Apple will be the number one platform for a long time from a developer perspective, they have gotten so many things right. And they know what they are doing and they call the shots.”