Roxio Launches Slide Show Creation Service

Posted Aug 11, 2008

Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC) subsidiary, Roxio has launched a new slide creation service.  Roxio Online’s slide show creation tool makes it easy to create web-based animations, captions, etc.  Roxio Online’s slide show offerings are similar to Slide, Google Picasa, and Photobucket. 

Users can upload JPGs, PNGs, BMPs, GIFs, and the photo limit is 20 MB.  There are over 150 one-click styles for PhotoShow.  Upgrading to video clip slide show web-based services are about $39.99.  Roxio slide shows are less Flashy and glittery than Slide.  Roxio also has stronger privacy options for their slide shows.

Free web pages for the slide show will be available through Roxio.  The slide shows will have the ability to be embedded on blogs and websites.  Roxio’s basic slide show services are available for free. 

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