Report: RSA allegedly received $10 million from NSA to make flawed algorithm for BSafe library

Posted Dec 21, 2013

According to a report by Reuters, the National Security Agency has allegedly paid $10 million to security company RSA to create a “back door” for their encryption products. This would give the NSA access to data that is protected by RSA products such as Bsafe. In late 2012, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents about how the government agency spied on computers.

Reuters reported on Friday that the $10 million contract had RSA integrate “the NSA formula as the preferred, or default, method for number generation in the BSafe software.” The contract was over a third of the revenue that the division at RSA brought in during the previous year.

There are questions about whether the RSA knew they were building a way for the NSA to spy on the flawed encryption formula.

“RSA always acts in the best interest of its customers and under no circumstances does RSA design or enable any back doors in our products. Decisions about the features and functionality of RSA products are our own,” said RSA in an interview with Reuters.

It is believed that the RSA was misled by government officials.

[Source: Reuters]