Rubicon Project has filed for an IPO

Posted Feb 4, 2014

Rubicon Project is an advertising company that has filed an S-1 with the SEC announcing that they are going to go public. Rubicon Project handles $1.2 billion in online advertising every year.


According to the S-1, Rubicon Project also handles $20 million per quarter in revenue. The company has 315 employees and has $21 million in cash. Rubicon is looking to raise $100 million from the offering.

Rubicon generated over $56 million in sales for their most recent 9 months with a loss of $12.3 million due to sales and marketing expenses. Rubicon is currently booking $20 million per quarter. Rubicon CEO Frank Addante owns 10% of Rubicon and there are 52,577,381 shares outstanding.

[Source: BI]