Rubikloud Raises $1 Million

Posted Nov 18, 2013

Rubikloud uses big data to help e-commerce companies improve their conversion rates.  Rubikloud has raised $1 million in a seed round of funding from Horizons Ventures, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), and several angel investors.  Rubikloud was created by Kerry Liu, Daniel Theirl, and Frank Thomas in Toronto.  While working at Strangeloop Networks, Liu discovered that the company had a hard time showing a relationship between infrastructure and conversion rates because of all the analytics being in different silos.

Rubikloud offers a way to analyze a large amount of origin and performance information by plugging into a customer’s backend infrastructure.  Their solution takes about half an hour to install.  Rubikloud has also built custom connectors to retrieve data from other analytics silos.  Customers can use a powerful dashboard to measure conversion and revenues.

Rubikloud went from three to seven employees in the last several months.  They have been testing their platform in beta with about half a dozen clients.  Rubikloud is expecting to publicly launch their product by early 2014.

[Source: TechCrunch]