Rumor: Apple Is Exploring An iPhone With A 5.7-Inch Screen And Multiple Colors

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Apple is reportedly considering the development of a new generation of iPhones that have screens as large as 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches and would be released in 2014.  Smartphones that have this large of a screen is known as a “phablet,” which is a portmanteau of the words “phone” and “tablet.”  There are already a few Android smartphones that have those same screen sizes.

“They constantly change product specifications almost to the final moment, so you’re not really sure whether this is the final prototype,” said a source with Reuters.  Samsung helped make the “phablet” line of products popular through the Galaxy Note.  The Galaxy Note phablets have a screen size of about 5.5 inches.

Sources with Reuters also reported that we will see cheaper versions of the iPhone in multiple colors and plastic cases.  Apple is also expected to add a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S with the same 4-inch screen size that the iPhone 5 has.