Rumor – AT&T Considering $10.00 iPhone Data Plan Price Cut

Posted May 7, 2009

Cote Collaborative analyst Michael Cote suspects that AT&T may cut its entry level iPhone plan price by $10.00 when Apple introduces the new iPhone this summer. The current entry level iPhone plan costs $69.00 a month. The price cut would reduce the entry level cost by 14%. The 14% drop in monthly fees will help Apple get more iPhone sales and help AT&T win more subscribers.

According to Michael Cote, theĀ  current price of a two year iPhone contract does not address the whole market. He uses Wal Mart as an example. Wal Mart iPhone sales have not met expectations.

AT&T may also be willing to lower the price to extend its exclusivity with Apple. It is rumored that Verizon may start offering the iPhone sometime next year.