Rumor: Google Fiber To Expand Into Austin, Texas

Posted Apr 7, 2013

The City of Austin, Texas and Google have sent out invitations to the press for an announcement next week.  The announcement is expected to be about Google Fiber expanding to Austin, Texas.

Google published a blog post earlier this week and then ended up deleting it.  The blog post did not contain any details, but it did have the title “Google Fiber’s next stop: Austin, Texas” according to Engadget.

What is Google Fiber?  Google Fiber is a project to build a broadband Internet network using fiber-optic communication.  Google Fiber is currently available in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

Google Fiber attracted TechStars co-founder Brad Feld to buy a home in Kansas City to give startups free housing and a fast Internet connection.  Feld will decide which startups can live and work in the three-bedroom house there.  Known as the “Fled KC Fiberhouse,” it will be run in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation.

Austin, Texas would be a great location for Google Fiber because it is home to many large tech offices for Texas Instruments, Dell, Samsung, AMD, and Intel.  Every year, the South by Southwest conference takes place in Austin, Texas also.