RUMOR: Google Is Launching An Augmented Reality Based E-Book Line

Posted Mar 15, 2013

Google is going to be launching a line of e-books that utilize augmented reality using technology that was developed by Niantic Labs.  Niantic Labs is essentially a start-up subsidiary owned by Google that develops massive multiplayer online video games.  Niantic’s most well known augmented reality based game is known as Ingress.  The game launched this past November and is in beta (invite-only).

According to Publishers Lunch, Ingress would be tied into the e-books as part of a  product line called “The Alignment.”  The e-books would be written by Thomas Greanias, who is known for writing the books “Raising Atlantis” and “Dominium Dei.”  The first book in the series would be called The Alignment: Ingress and it would be available on the Google Play store on April 2nd.

The books would feature embedded codes and readers would be able to win prizes.  Printed versions of the e-books may follow based on demand and attention.  Niantic Labs is also known for working on Google’s Field Trip app.