Rumor: Google May Sell Motorola’s Hardware Division To Huawei

Posted Apr 11, 2012

Google announced that they would be acquiring Motorola Mobility about 8 months ago for $12.5 billion. Between now and then, the government went from questioning the deal to approving of it. Google gained 17,000 patents through the acquisition to help them protect Android, but Motorola has massive overhead.

Motorola has about 20,000 employees across over 90 countries. No one in the industry knows what Google is planning on doing with all of these employees, but now there are rumors that Google is going to try and sell Motorola’s handset unit to Huawei. Other sources say that Google is going to utilize Motorola’s employees to create a serious competitor in the smartphone industry.

Lenovo became the world’s second largest PC manufacturing company after IBM sold them their PC division. Huawei may be able to pull off the same thing by buying Motorola’s handset division.