Rumor Mill: Yahoo! Considering A Merger With AOL

Posted Feb 11, 2008

Yahoo! announced yesterday that they would not take the acquisition offer from Microsoft priced at $44.6 billion.  Yahoo! would rather get more money from Microsoft, partner with Google, or maybe even merge with AOL.  Time Warner Inc. recently announced that they would be separating themselves from AOL LLC.

Both companies are struggling together.  Yahoo! is laying off 1,000+ employees soon and AOL did the same dance in October 2007 when they laid aoff about 2,000. 

A Yahoo! and AOL merge would be interesting.  Yahoo! has the most number of registered users on the Internet today and AOL has the highest number of users on their instant messaging software.  Google has a partnership with AOL and owns 5% of them.  AIM and Google Talk are integrated with each other too.

[Rumor Source: Times of London]