Rumor: Verizon Approves Unlocking Of HTC Touch Pro In Firmware Update

Posted Jun 10, 2009

PhoneNews has reported that the HTC Touch Pro has received the approval from Verizon Wireless to have the option of being unlocked.  The unlocking option will be available through the next firmware update.  Unlocking the phone gives the option of using Windows Live Maps or Google Maps as the GPS rather than the VZ Navigator.

The update will also give access to Visual Voicemail, but it would require a $3 per month fee.  There will also be EVRC-B codec support for better call handling. is offering the firmware update through their website.  Download it at your own risk.  There isn’t an official firmware update link on Verizon or HTC servers as of yet.

[via PhoneNews/BoyGeniusReport]