RUMOR: Yahoo! Is Hitting Around $125 Million Per Year On Mobile Devices

Posted Feb 15, 2013

When Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer reported the Q4 earnings in a phone called, she said that the company’s mobile efforts was a “nascent source of revenue.”  No wonder the company is buying up mobile companies like Propeld and Stamped.  However Yahoo! is planning to cut down their app portfolio from over 60 apps to about a dozen that people use all the time on their phones.

According to sources with AllThingsD, Yahoo! is generating around $125 million per year from mobile devices.  The revenue is generated primarily from search revenue.  Mayer plans to double down on the mobile opportunities going forward.

?There is no question Marissa will be be judged on bringing the product management expertise she demonstrated at Google to Yahoo to make things consumers want to use in mobile,? said a Yahoo! employee when talking to AllThingsD. ?The thing is, she has to also actually make some real money doing it.?