Runes of Magic Hits 100,000 Characters Created In Day One

Posted Dec 17, 2008

Runes of Magic, a fantasy MMORPG game has reached an uncanny milestone.  Frogster Interactive, the company behind the game announced today that Rune of Magic’s open beta exceeded all of their expectations through the creation of 100,000 characters in theif first 24 hours.  Due to the high number of players in the world of Taborea, Frogster will be creating an additional game.  The Runes of Magic community is now spread across seven servers.

“We will systematically analyze the feedback of the high number of players in the coming weeks and use it to give Runes of Magic the final polish for the official release in the first quarter of 2009,” stated Daniel Ullrich, director of product management at Frogster Interactive. “The beta is now open to all interested players and the game can be downloaded free of charge after a short registration on”

Runes of Magic will have more than 1,000 quests available for play.  The game offers 36 individual character combinations and players can choose from six man classes and secondary classes.  Each character has unique skills and powers.  Each player can create their own virtual home and guildhalls for their players.  The game has taken over three years of development.  Every three to four months the game will have free game add-ons and updates.

The background of the story was created by Runewaker Entertainement based in Taichung, Taiwan.  Frogster Interactive is based in Berlin, Germany.