Rypple Raises $7 Million To Improve HR Software

Posted Sep 29, 2010

Rypple is working on developing new social software for human resources professionals. Rypple is a 2 year old start-up that has raised $7 million in funding from Bridgescale Partners. The company plans to use the new round of funding to expand upon their San Francisco office.

Bridgescale partner Howard Gwin is a former senior executive at PeopleSoft and is joining Rypple’s board of directors. Rypple has a total of $13 million in funding to date. Previous investors include Peter Thiel and Extreme Venture Partners.

Rypple designed software to make it easy to receive feedback from within organizations. Most traditional HR software does not get the information that it needs. ?They don?t want top-down, command-and-control based performance software that is focused on process and filling out forms. What they want is frequent, useful feedback to do their jobs better,? stated Rypple co-founder Daniel Debow.