Sahas Katta Creates A Tesla Motors App For Google Glass Called GlassTesla

Posted Jul 2, 2013

Sahas Katta has created a Google Glass app for Tesla Motors vehicles.  The app is called GlassTesla.  GlassTesla lets users control their car using the wearable headgear.  The Google Glass app lets users start and stop charging their car, check battery levels, lock/unlock the doors, and change around the vehicle’s temperature controls.

Katta is also working on voice controls from the app.  He is also working on charge completion notification and real-time vehicle tracking.  You can learn more about the Google Glass app for Tesla vehicles at

Katta is known for starting a company called Pepperdeck.  Pepperdeck is a website and mobile app company that is focused on restaurants.  You can make changes from anywhere and anytime.