Sailthru Raises $19 Million

Posted Feb 11, 2013

Sailthru is a New York based startup company that has raised $19 million in Series B funding from Benchmark Capital. Sailthru has a popular widget that is used on large news websites. As you scroll to the bottom of a website, Sailthru shows you an article that you may be interested as a pop-up widget that appears on the side. Bill Gurley of Benchmark is joining Sailthru’s board of directors.

“People have been talking about big data for a long time,” stated Sailthru CEO Neil Capel in an interview with Business Insider, “but they’re only sort of collecting the data and there are a lot of sort of flashy kind of graphics to show that big data, but really what it’s about is how you make real time decisions on those users so you can make their experience more relevant.”

Sailthru presents presents options in real-time for content that is relevant and useful.  The data used is based on behavior and preferences of the reader.  The company still respects the user by throttling back e-mails if a customer hits a disengagement score.  The company has clients on 5 continents and is expanding to Europe in Q2.  The company will be using the funding to grow aggressively.  They will also hire additional sales and engineering talent.

“It’s really about expansion for us in the next 3 years,” added Capel in the interview. “We’re growing at a tremendous rate, in 3 years we should be in IPO range and that’s kind of what we’re focusing on.”