Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Invests In Brandcast

Posted Apr 18, 2013 CEO Marc Benioff has invested in a company called Brandcast.  Brandcast helps brands create a website, an online store, and social media profile.  Benioff led the company’s seed round and first round of funding.  He is also serving as an adviser to the company.

Brandcast CEO Hayes Metzger used to be a platform engineer at  Before starting Brandcast, Metzger also was the co-founder of Bandpage.  Bandpage helps musicians organize their brand online.

Brandcast was launched after noticing that brands were creating “BandPages” even though the service was designed for musicians. Metzger said that Benioff knew BandPage was great for other kinds of businesses.

Brandcast is currently in limited beta. Some of the most common Brandcast users are Etsy sellers, authors, and filmmakers, according to VentureBeat.