, Inc. (CRM) builds a wearables developer platform

Posted Jun 10, 2014, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) has launched a developer platform for wearable tech apps called Salesforce Wear, which is “the first initiative for wearable computing in the enterprise.” also launched the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, which gives developers tools to build enterprise apps and services for wearable tech apps.

“The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack is a collection of open-source starter apps that let you quickly design and build wearable apps that connect to the Salesforce1 Platform. Millions of wearable devices connected to the cloud will create amazing new application opportunities,” says the Salesforce Wear developer website.

Salesforce Wear supports Google Android Wear, ARM devices, Fitbit, Google Glass, Pebble, Philips wearable devices, and Samsung Gear smartwatches.

[Source: TNW]