SalesVu 2.0 Mobile Payment Application Gets An Update

Posted May 1, 2012

SalesVu has updated their mobile payment application to version 2.0 on the iPhone and iPad. The new application has centralized cloud-based management, reporting, and social media marketing. SalesVu founder and CEO, Pascal Nicolas, said that SalesVu 2.0 offers more than just point-of-sale, mobile payment solutions, and lower credit card processing fees. They have features that distinguish them from competitors like Square and Intuit.

“We listened to thousands of SalesVu users across various retail, restaurant, and services segments and added features designed to help them operate their business more efficiently, securely, and cost effectively,” stated Nicolas.

Retail Stores
SalesVu 2.0 allows clients to print receipts and scan barcodes for faster transaction processing. The new app also allows employees to clock in and clock out at retail locations. This feature is integrated with a time-keeping solution at

For restaurants, SalesVu 2.0 has the ability to split checks, print orders to the kitchen, adjust tips at the end of the shift, and receive orders from the restaurant website.

Service businesses
Most services businesses work by appointment whether you are a plumber, beauty shop, or massage therapist. SalesVu 2.0 routers appointments from a business’ website directly to the SalesVu app on the iPhone and iPad. Business owners are able to take a partial deposit at the time of a reservation and process the balance after a service is complete. Invoicing and recurring billing allows service-based professionals like consultants and lawyers set up monthly credit card payments.

SalesVu 2.0 will come with the application and credit card reader at no cost to the business. Their credit card processing fees are the lowest out of any mobile payment solution in the U.S. with a flate rate of 2.7% for both swiped and keyed-in transactions. In Canada, the rates for SalesVu fluctuate between 1.73-2.26% depending on the type of card.