Samsung announces 110-inch ultra-HD TVs for $150,000

Posted Dec 30, 2013

Got $150,000 to spare? Why not buy a 110-inch TV from Samsung? The 110-inch TV is four times the resolution of standard high-definition TVs. Samsung has been shifting away from OLEDs in favor of ultra-HD (4K) TVs.

OLED screens are thin and can display images with high color saturation, but it can be very costly. LG and Samsung were unable to bring OLED TVs into the mainstream though. Sony and Panasonic ended their OLED partnership recently. as well.

NPD DisplaySearch is expecting the global sales of ultra-HD TV sets to go from 1.3 million this year to 23 million in 2017. Over half of those shipments will be taken by Chinese companies between 2013 and 2017.

The 110-inch Samsung TV will be available in South Korea, China, the Middle East, and Europe. In South Korea, the price is 160 million won (roughly $152,000). The cost in other countries varies. Samsung received 10 orders from the Middle East so far. The previous largest Ultra-HD TV made by Samsung was 85-inches.

[Source: CBS]