REPORT: Samsung Spent $401 Million On Advertising In The U.S. Last Year

Posted Mar 13, 2013

Samsung Electronics has increased their U.S. advertising budget last year by 5 times.  The company spent around $401 million, which is up from $78 million the year before according to ad research company Kantar Media.

This means that Samsung spent $68 million more than Apple in the U.S. according to The Wall Street Journal.  HTC spent $277 million less than Samsung.

Kantar tracks the ad spending on TVs, billboards, Internet media, and print media.  Samsung also spends a good amount on hosting large release parties.  For example, Samsung rented space in New York City and had Kanye West perform at the Galaxy Note II launch event.

Samsung spends around 10% of their ad budget on the U.S.  Apple spends around 33% of their ad budget in the U.S.