Samsung Accuses Jury Foreman Of Misconduct In Regards To Apple Case

Posted Oct 3, 2012

Samsung believes that there was juror misconduct in a trial against Apple.  Samsung believes that jury foreman Velvin Hogan had failed to disclose a lawsuit and personal bankruptcy when he was questioned for a jury selection.

Hogan is an experienced electrical engineer that spoke about a trial with former employee of his in regards to software ownership and he mentioned a patent that relates to “video compression software.”  However Samsung alleges that Hogan did not mention that he was being sued by his former employer Seagate Technology Inc. and had filed for bankruptcy in 1993.

Samsung and Seagate has a “strategic alignment,” which means that Seagate drives are placed in Samsung laptops.  Samsung’s semiconductors are placed in Seagate’s SSDs.  Samsung even sold their HDD business to Seagate in 2011.  Samsung wrote in a filing that  ?Mr. Hogan?s failure to disclose the Seagate suit raises issues of bias that Samsung should have been allowed to explore in questioning.?

Hogan did an interview with Bloomberg and said that there was not any misconduct though.  He said that jurors were instructed to disclose litigation from the last 10 years.  He said that the Seagate case and bankruptcy was outside of that time limit.  But there is not any mention of a ten year limit in the transcript.

Hogan said that one of Samsung’s lawyers is married to the lawyer that filed a lawsuit against him at Seagate and asked how Samsung did not know about this?