Samsung Acquired MOVL To Build On Connected TVs

Posted May 6, 2013

Samsung Electronics has been active in designing TVs that play nicely with mobile devices.  Samsung announced today that they have acquired MOVL, a startup that is known for driving innovation in the social TV app revolution by creating connectivity between smartphones and smart TVs through the MOVL Connect Platform.

The MOVL Connect Platform makes it possible for developers to quickly deploy a multi-user, multi-device, and multi-platform application.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, MOVL has been working with Samsung on their connected TV platform for a while.  MOVL won the Samsung Connected TV developer contest after launching the WeDraw app.  WeDraw allowed users to draw images through an app on mobile phones or tablets while the illustrations appeared on a Samsung TV.

MOVL also developed an interface called  This interface works with Samsung and Google TV devices along with iOS and Android.  The company has 6 platforms in their pipeline to be launched later this year.

The acquisition actually took place last month, but was reported now.  The terms of the deal are unknown, but it sounds like Samsung was mostly interested in the talent behind the company.  MOVL has around 9 employees and all of them have joined Samsung.  Their Atlanta-based employees are going to be relocated to the Bay Area in California following the acquisition.

MOVL raised around $1 million in total funding from Mark Cuban, Kris Pinto, and Bert Ellis.