Samsung and LG will unveil 105-inch curved 4K TVs at CES

Posted Dec 19, 2013

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will be showing off some large TVs that have four times the sharpness of HD TV sets. The ultra-HD TVs with curved screens measure 105 inches diagonally. Samsung and LG announced these TVs in separate statements today.

Samsung and LG both started selling curved TV sets this year with OLED displays measuring 55 inches.

The premium TV sets will be made of LCD panels that have over 11 million pixels – 5120 pixels wide and 2160 pixels high.

The limitation is that there is a lack of substantial ultra-HD video content. Content companies are starting to catch up now though. For example, Sony Corporation believes that ultra-HD video will become the new standard and is working on gadgets and movies in ultra-HD (also known as 4K).