Samsung Announces Next Galaxy Smartphone Will Have 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad Processor

Posted Apr 26, 2012

Samsung is kicking it into high gear for the next generation of Galaxy smartphones. The company has announced that the “Exynos 4 Quad” will be powering the smartphone. The Exynos 4 Quad will be running at 1.4GHz per core and it based on the ARM Cortex A9. The chip will have 32nm High-k Metal Gate technology, power management, per-core dynamic voltage, and frequency scaling according to The Verge. The Exynos 4 Quad is already in production and is expected to be in the next Galaxy smartphone to be announced in May. The Exynos 4 Quad is also being sampled to other major handset companies. The chip is capable of rendering full 30fps 1080p video playback and recording. It also has an interface for HDMI 1.4 and has an embedded image signal processor interface. Samsung said that the chip will offer double the processor power than its 45nm predecessor while using 20% less power. Check out the video demo after the jump.