Wow, Samsung Wants To Be Called A Claimant Instead Of a Defendant

Posted Jul 27, 2012

The Apple and Samsung patent lawsuits against each other are so odd and complex.  Samsung’s latest move does not help in making the lawsuit that the two companies have against each other sound any better.  Samsung and Apple are huge enemies and partners at the same time.  Samsung supplies parts for the iPhone, but Apple is accusing Samsung of copying their designs and violating patents.  Samsung does not like being called a “defendant” anymore in the lawsuit since both companies have patent lawsuits against each other.

?Both parties will at times be acting as plaintiffs and both as defendants, and it is therefore important that both parties are treated the same,? said Samsung in a statement.

Samsung wants both companies to be called “claimants” instead during the trial.  Samsung also wants to sit on the plaintiff’s table while arguing in favor of claims against Apple.

?Equal treatment of the parties with respect to where they sit while presenting their affirmative case will mitigate any prejudice to Samsung that may result from Apple being in closer proximity to the jury throughout the trial,? said Samsung. ?It will also ensure that the jury does not draw any improper inference based on disparate treatment of the parties with respect to their positions in the courtroom.?