Samsung Believed To Be The World’s Biggest Phone Maker Now

Posted Apr 12, 2012

Yesterday Nokia reported that they sold only 83 million mobile phones in Q1, which is 27% down compared to their total sales of 113.5 million phones in Q4 2011. Now it is believed that Samsung is the world’s largest phone maker. As Nokia declines, Samsung has been growing.

It is estimated that Samsung shipped between 41 and 44 million smartphones and between 44 and 47 million feature phones, which puts Samsung at about 85 million units for Q1. Even the lowest estimate puts Samsung at a higher number than Nokia.

This means that it will most likely be the first quarter that Samsung overtakes Nokia. Apple and Samsung have been fighting for leader in the smartphone market for a while now, but Nokia had always been the leader of overall total phones because the number of feature phones they sold. This may no longer be the case.