Samsung Brings In 2 Computer Scientist Witnesses To Challenge Apple’s Rubber-Banding and Pinch-To-Zoom Cases

Posted Aug 14, 2012

Samsung is bringing in two computer scientists to challenge Apple’s claims of originality regarding software patents.  The witnesses showed technologies that resemble Apple’s “rubber banding” years before it was released with the iPhone in 2007.

University of Maryland professor Benjamin Bederson said that he created a system of 36 tiles (app icons) in an interface that let users zoom in and zoom out of the images.  He also created a “snapback feature” that allowed a user to scroll through the images until the border of the last tile is reached.  The software was released in 2004 and was demonstrated on an HP HPiPAQ 1900 pocket PC.

Massachusetts based Circle Twelve president Adam Bogue told the jury that he invented Diamond Touch in 2001.  Diamond Touch was a tablet of images that could be manipulated with the user’s hands.  Diamond Touch was a tablet of images that was first demonstrated in 2005.  A user would be able to pull the projected table back, grab an item, and allow it to “snap back” into position.