Samsung CEO Meeting With Apple Today About Ongoing Lawsuit

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Samsung Electronics’ CEO Kwon Oh Hyun will be meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook today to see if it is possible to resolve their lawsuits before a U.S. jury begins to deliberate on the patents.  The lawyers of Samsung and Apple are reporting to Judge Lucy Koh in a San Jose, California federal court.  Judge Koh asked the two CEOs to talk and she said that she was “pathologically optimistic” that they could settle their claims over design and technology patents for smartphones and tablets.  Executives at the two companies met before the trial started and were unable to reach an agreement.  The two sides of the companies are still filing motions with the court about jury instructions and exhibits.  At one point, Judge Koh got so frustrated with Apple’s list of witness that she said “unless you?re smoking crack you know these witnesses aren?t going to be called!”