Samsung ChatON App Hits 100M Users

Posted Sep 30, 2013

The Samsung ChatON chat client is currently used on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.  The chat service has passed the 100 million user mark so far.  The app is preinstalled on all Samsung smartphones, which has helped drive the growth of the app. 

The 100 million mark puts ChatON way ahead of BlackBerry’s BBM, which has around 60 million active users and 75 million total users.  The 100 million mark does not actually indicate the active user count.  It is just based on people that have signed up for the service, but many of them are not active any more. 

Samsung launched ChatON two years ago.  Samsung’s ChatON app also competes again services like WhatsApp and Line with WhatsApp having around 300 million active users.