Samsung Claims That Their Supplier Does Not Have Underage Workers

Posted Dec 15, 2012

Yesterday China Labor Watch accused Samsung supplier HTNS Shenzhen of employing an underage worker.  Samsung said that they met with both HTNS Shenzhen and China Labor Watch to confirm the age of the alleged underage employee.  “I do not understand why we are having this discussion. I am over 18 years of age,” stated the underage worker.

 “We have also confirmed that two other alleged underage employees. who are no longer with this supplier were of legal age when hired. During the hiring process, their ages and identities were verified through an electronic device that detects fake ID cards,” added Samsung in a blog post.

Samsung concluded by saying that they will be monitoring suppliers through a third-party auditor starting in 2013.  Anyone that is found employing underage workers will be fired said the company.