Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (005935) Gets Sued By Brazil Over Labor Law Violations

Posted Aug 14, 2013

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KRX:005935) is being sued for $108 million by the Brazilian government over labor law violations.  The Brazilian government is specifically calling out Samsung’s factory located in the Manaus free trade zone where 6,000 people are employed.  This lawsuit was filed late last week.  The Brazilian government states that they saw employees in the factory working long shifts without breaks, causing health problems.

Workers at the factory have around 6 seconds to pack a box with a phone charger, headset, and pair of instruction manuals, according to Reporter Brasil.  This same task is repeated as many as 6,800 times per day.  The total amount of time to put together a smartphone package is 85 seconds and a TV is placed in a box every 4.8 seconds.

Some workers were spending 10 hours per day standing and some shifts lasted up to 15 hours.  There was at least one person who has not had a break in 27 days.  The lawsuit says that workers receive a 10 minute break for every 50 minutes of work.  Around 2,000 employees logged health complaints last year alone like tendonitis and back problems.  The attorney general in Brazil says that 15 hours per day are not acceptable, especially for a company that is the size of Samsung.  These conditions are reportedly similar in China.

“We?re committed to offering our collaborators around the world a work environment that ensures the highest standards when it comes to safety, health and well-being,” stated Samsung in an interview with the BBC.

[Source: Digital Trends]