Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera Getting 50GB Of Free Dropbox Storage

Posted Sep 4, 2012

If you are planning on buying a Samsung Galaxy Note II or the Galaxy Camera Android powered device, you will be given 50GB of Dropbox storage for free.  Samsung and Dropbox are working together to create data syncing between devices.  This partnership allows Samsung customers to easily access to documents, photos, and videos from the cloud.

?The most important thing to us is to provide our users with the ability to have a seamless experience across the many mobile devices they use and this partnership shows our mutual commitment to offering Samsung users the best possible experience,? stated Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, the head of Mobile Business Development at Dropbox.  ?These integrations with Samsung?s latest Wi-Fi and 4G enabled camera and Galaxy Note II means Dropbox users can rest assured their photos and videos will be with them anytime, anywhere.?

The Galaxy Note II will automatically sync photos and videos stored in Dropbox with the Gallery application if the user decides that they want it that way.  The 50GB of free storage will last two years before customers have to buy a monthly or annual Dropbox plan.